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My name is Imelda and I am qualified, insured and licensed to perform safe and hygienic ear lobe piercing, with a Caflon Ear Piercing Diploma and a Special Treatments License from Brighton and Hove Council. I use the Caflon range of products and the cost of a piercing includes the gold-plated earrings and the after care solution. Each client receives aftercare advice, a bottle of aftercare solution and can select from a range of attractive studs that are all gold-plated, which is the safest choice of metal for ear piercing. Ears will be pierced safely, hygienically and efficiently.

I operate within my main home-based business Brighton Eyelash Salon. You can view my eyelash extensions website here:

birthstones 238x300 birthstonesI love to work with children (I am a parent of a 13 year girl) and I do my best to help them to relax and to create a child-friendly environment. I always take my time to connect with each person and deal with any apprehension, or concerns. The vast majority of people find the piercing to be very quick, with barely any discomfort. Should there be anxiety about pain, I offer advice and support for handling nerves and I have a system that works very well to deal with this. I also will not pierce the ears until you, and/or your child are happy with where I have marked the ear. I offer a choice of earrings for my clients, with a range of coloured stones. All of the earrings are gold-plated. I even have stickers for bravery!

If you have been elsewhere for ear piercing and not been happy with the results, I am usually able to re-pierce them for you, so do call for advice.



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Prices September 2017

  • Ear piercing (one piercing in each ear, earrings and aftercare solution) – £25.00 
  • A shared appointment for 2 sets of ear piercings (e.g. 2 siblings, or friends – £40
  • Spare bottle of after care solution – £2
  • A second pair of earrings – £5
  • Please ask about pricing for multiple ear piercings.

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