Please note that the ear lobe piercing is by appointment only. As I have a home-based salon, it is not possible to drop-in, or wait. However, it is usually possible to offer you an appointment within a few days, or a week. So please TEXT your enquiries to the designated TEXTING line on 07947 248466. I always have this with me and can get back to you very quickly.

If you don’t have any questions and are ready to book your appointment, then please fill out the booking form below and I will suggest a time for you:

Booking Form for Ear Piercing

I am usually able to offer appointments each day Monday to Friday and I especially have time after school, from 3.30pm on the weekdays and also on Saturday mornings. I can occasionally manage appointments at other times on the weekends, but only usually at short notice. Do use the designated TEXTING line to see when I am available. 

07947 248466 (text only)

01273 249595