Covid-19 Safety and Guidelines

I am double vaccinated, with a booster and I have a number of COVID procedures in place to protect you and your family and also to protect me and mine. I have also very recently recovered from COVID (January 2022).

  • Please make sure that you have tested negative on a lateral flow test within 24 hours of your appointment and I will do the same.
  • Only two people are allowed to attend the appointment, so that is one parent and one child, or one adult and one other person, or family member for support. If you have two children having ear piercing, then the three of you can come in together. Please don’t bring other family members, or friends, or ask to share an appointment with anyone else. If you have a difficulty with this, do get in touch.
  • Under 18s must come with a parent, who will need to give their written permission on the consent form, when at the appointment. Please don’t send them with other family members, or friends. Do get in touch if there is a problem with this.
  • If you are in a vulnerable group, it is recommended that you don’t book for an ear lobe piercing at this time.
  • It is imperative that you do not come to your appointment if you, or anyone in your household, currently have any COVID-19 symptoms, like a cough, a temperature, change in taste/smell, or shortness of breath. Please get in touch with me ASAP to rearrange your appointment. If you are experiencing symptoms like these, then wait 14 days before attending an appointment.
  • Please all arrive wearing facemasks, remember that even younger children can pass on infection to me, or my family.
  • On arrival, you will both be asked to leave your shoes, bags and coats outside the salon room and firstly go to the sink in the salon room and wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with hot water and antibacterial hand wash. 
  • The therapy table will be covered with a wipeable covering and also hygiene paper.
  • As is my usual practice, disposable materials will be used where possible and the room will be ventilated.
  • I will be wearing approriate PPE – including a protective visor and surgical gloves.
  • As is my usual practice, all surfaces will be sanitised and disinfected, reusable tools will be cleaned and disinfected with Saloncide before each appointment. Do check the link below to read about how effective this is.
  • Earrings used for the piercing will come from a sterile pack.
  • I take cash for payments, due at the appointment.