Dealing with anxiety…

The vast majority of my clients, regardless of their age, experience little to no discomfort with my ear lobe piercing service. You are likely to feel a small pinch and then the ear feels a bit warm. However, each person has a different threshold of pain and if someone is anxious, then discomfort, or physical pain can be felt more. Occasionally I work with a child, or young person who has been elsewhere, but has then been too scared to go ahead with the piercing, or to have the 2nd ear pierced and I am pleased to say I have had success in these cases.

I can offer, or suggest a few possibilities for dealing with nerves and discomfort:

I have the advantage of working in a designated and fully equipped home salon room, so this is a very private, relaxed and comfortable space in which to have your ears pierced, with no spectators, other than the family member that has come with you. I always take a bit of time to connect and chat with each person, to put them at their ease, then I carry out the ear piercing as quickly and as smoothly as possible. I also keep some aftercare solution in the freezer, so that it is icy cold and as soon as the ear is pierced, I apply some of this, so that the sensation in the ear immediately changes to one of cool relief. I find the above method is sufficient for most clients and by the time I have done the 2nd ear (usually within a minute), the first ear is feeling settled and there are smiles all round. 

For clients who would feel better using some form of pain relief, or anaesthetic, I can recommend applying Emla cream about an hour before the appointment. You can purchase this for about £5, over the counter, by asking at any pharmacy. This helps to stop pain on the upper layers of the skin; however you may still have the feelings of pressure and touch. It will not numb the ear completely, but it numbs the surface, so that the fear and the sensation of the piercing is for the most part removed.

A cheaper and drug-free option is to use ice for a short while before the appointment. Freeze some water in a small plastic container; this will last you through your journey to see me and will have the same effect. Wrap it in a dish cloth to absorb the wet and hold it against the ear.

Read before use:

If you have any questions, or need to talk through any concerns, please do get in touch (texting is always quickest!) and I will be happy to chat to you.